Criminal Defense, drug cases, expert marijuana law consultations, years in criminal courtrooms and in the halls of the legislature. Are you being investigated for, charged with, or otherwise dealing with a criminal case involving marijuana or other drugs, driving problems, or other felonies or misdemeanors? My nearly 40 years of experience in these areas provides unique quality representation.

Are you interested in starting a marijuana business in Colorado? Learn more about Lenny's consulting service.

Do you have a criminal defense problem? This includes allegations, suspicions, investigations, or charges related to marijuana and any licit or illicit drugs, crimes of alleged violence, other assaults, weapons violations, DUI, DUID, driving violations from speeding to vehicular homicide, motor vehicle matters, vehicular assault, domestic violence issues, other drug violations.

Lenny's strategy is to handle fewer cases, so that he can bring more caring attention, sweat, creativity, and hopefully more magic to each case.

All matters related to providing his clients a proper “client centered” and proactive defense that today's criminal justice system often doesn't provide defendants without the guidance and knowledge of professional legal experience.

Lenny has extensive experience in handling criminal matters involving all aspects of mental health-psychological issues. His background in the sciences, both hard and soft, enables him to communicate with experts and lay people in an extraordinary variety of disciplines and skills.

Lenny is admitted to practice in the Courts of the State of Colorado, the Federal District and Circuit Courts in the 10th Circuit, as well as the United States Supreme Court. He is Of Counsel to Imhoff & Associates based in Los Angeles, California and Colorado Counsel for the firm, having been invited to join when the firm was The Cochran Firm, under Johnnie Cochran.